Silver has always been adored and admired as a precious metal since the beginning of history. Silver has been mined since the 4th century BC, usually by being separated from lead. Today, silver is used in dozens of applications including coin money, electronics, mirrors, silverware, and of course beautiful jewelry.

Silver was extremely valuable during Ancient Egypt, as well as medieval Europe when silver at some points were more valued than gold. Once the New World was discovered, silver was found in many mines and the cost of silver dropped considerably. Today, silver is far less expensive than gold but still quite beautiful and used in many different pieces of jewelry.

Silver has a beautiful white reflective shine and is very malleable, however it is slightly harder than Gold so it can easily be made into almost any shape or size piece of jewelry. One common type of silver is an alloy called Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver is formed with copper. The purity of sterling silver is 92.5% silver and usually has copper as the other alloy mixed in. Silver’s purity is rated by percentage of 1,000 and not by karats as gold is. Sterling silver will usually be marked with a 925 and have a beautiful sheen to it.

While silver is an absolutely beautiful precious metal, it may need cleaning from time to time. Silver oxidizes and becomes tarnished, however it can be cleaned very easily with the many tarnish removing products on the market. In fact, for precious silver jewelry, cleaning silver is extremely easy and takes less than a few minutes. If you plan on storing silver or silver jewelry, try to keep it in an airtight compartment that is dry and cool. This avoids the silver from becoming oxidized.

Silver is an extremely versatile precious metal and can be crafted into many types of jewelry including beautiful rings, bracelets, chains, watches and charms.

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