Gold is represented by the symbol Au. It is one of the oldest known metals which controls and regulates the world’s currency system. Money is represented by the value in gold. It is used as form of money also in gold coins. Gold doesn’t corrode, tarnish or rust though it’s very strong. It is most notably known for being a beautiful metal adorned and treasured as jewelry. It is also one of the most malleable metals.

Gold is wildly used and adored jewelry due to its fantastic properties. Due to it being so malleable it is said that one gram of gold can be flattened into a square meter. Gold is too soft to create jewelry in its pure state. Pure gold cannot withstand daily wear and tear and therefore is mixed with other alloys such as silver, copper, platinum, aluminum, nickel and zinc to give it durability and strength. Gold’s hue may vary due to the larger amounts of these other metals. Although the gold does not tarnish the other metal alloys can tarnish. Gold is used in different purities to make jewelry and the other alloys make up the rest. Gold purity is measured in karatage (k or kt). K or kt follows the number designating the purity of gold, such as 24k or 24kt, 22k or 22kt, 18k or 18kt, 14k or 14kt, 12k or 12kt, and lastly 10k or 10kt.

24k or 24kt equals 100% gold and is too soft for jewelry.

22k or 22kt equals 91.70 % gold and is very soft and is not recommended with diamond and color stone jewelry. 22k gold jewelry is very popular in India.

18k or 18kt equals 75% gold and is recommended for fine jewelry.

14k or 14kt equals 58.3% gold and is recommended and used in most jewelry.

12k or 12kt equals 50% gold and is rarely used in making jewelry.

10k or 10kt equals 41.70 % gold is the most durable of all gold. This is the legal karat limit considered as real gold. Many earrings are made in this gold.

The color or gold: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold is based on two factors. The percentage of metal alloys used to make the jewelry. The types of metal alloys used to make the jewelry.

At you will find jewelry made in yellow gold and white gold in 22k, 18k, 14k and 10k.

White gold is rhodium plated. Rhodium is a shiny white, durable and extremely hard metal. Over time the rhodium plating may wear off depending on the amount of wear, but re-plating to white is a simple process that can be done to restore its beautiful look and its whiteness if needed.

Rose gold jewelry has larger portion of copper in the metal alloy. This gives your gold jewelry its beautiful pink color.

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