Diamond Care

A diamond is a precious investment that needs to be properly cared for in order to allow light to shine through, creating brilliance and sparkle. Regular, everyday activities such as washing your hands, cooking dinner and natural skin oils all combine to create a dirty, filmy diamond that lacks radiance and sparkle. Products such as powders, makeup, lotions, and soap can all contribute to a soiled diamond, and chemicals in the air can actually discolor the jewelry’s mounting.

One way of caring for your diamonds is to give them a detergent bath. A small bowl of warm water and a bit of mild detergent will clean your diamond well. Scrub with an eyebrow brush, then transfer your diamond to a strainer and rinse well with warm water. Afterwards, you’ll want to pat the jewelry dry with a lint-free cloth. Soaking your diamond in a half and half mixture of ammonia and water works well, and takes about 30 minutes for a thorough cleaning. Once clean, drain the stone on a piece of tissue paper. Alternatively, you can buy one of those high-quality liquid cleaners specifically formulated for diamond care.

Provided you follow directions exactly for all methods of diamond cleaning, your beautiful stone will retain its fire and brilliance for many years to come.

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